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ANSTO’s Innovation Precinct will see the best and brightest emerging scientific minds from universities given a development turbo-charge – working under the guidance of some of Australia’s current leading scientists and researchers, and given access to ANSTO’s national and landmark infrastructure and industry partners.

Helping the next generation of scientists shape industries of the future

ANSTO will connect academic, applied research and industry sectors in a way that will provide real-world and first-hand experiences to students as working scientists.

There will be a strong emphasis placed on industry translation throughout the student engagement. Students will be provided coaching, tools and guidance to develop entrepreneurial capabilities.

Specialist and multifaceted training will be provided to deepen the learning experience and management capabilities of students across areas including:

  • business models
  • supply chain optimisation
  • funding and finance management
  • marketing
  • leadership
  • Intellectual Property protection
Taking next steps with our partners

We’re looking to build active partnerships with universities to bring the Innovation Precinct to life, via strategic MoUs, to co-develop proposals for external and government funding.

We will partner with universities through a variety of funding models to support travel, necessary administration and access to our landmark and national research infrastructure.

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